The Live Drop

A podcast in pre-production:

On this show I conduct a Live Drop into the world of  espionage to spot, assess, and develop key assets, spies, spy hunters and the actors who play them.  My guests reveal their world of intrigue as we case Cold War Berlin, where I was stationed in 1989 with civilians, soldiers, diplomats, spies and informants.


Guests include:
  • Dmitri Trenin – Director of Carnegie Institute,  Moscow
  • Dagmar Hovestaedt – PR Director for the BSTU , Berlin
  • Dan Kane – Photography instructor for Berlin operatives
  • Rudy Perina – Former Soviet Liaison for Berlin Mission.
  • Pete Turner – Former US Army Counter Intelligence Specialist
  • Jonathan Dyer – Intelligence Analyst,  Berlin Teufelsberg, Author 
  • Jack Barsky – Former KGB agent and author of Deep Undercover
  • Robin Dreeke – FBI Behavioral Analysis and Counter Intelligence
  • Berndt von Koska – Directer of Allied Museum Berlin